Contract Renewal Dates

In today’s world many companies offer services to their customers that are on a contractual basis with a contract review date.

For the company that takes out these contracts, it is always best advice to see if you are still being offered the best value and service for your requirements before it becomes due for renewal.

Since the time that the original contract was taken out, the business and its requirements may have changed, and this will often give a new supplier the option to promote their services.

We can secure the relevant information to your requirements, enabling you to engage with your potential client, at the right time. You may then wish to use this data for email campaigns.

We can contact companies prior to the renewal of a contract, booking an appointment for you to discuss the requirements of the potential client.

Business Leads UK have worked with many companies in this manner, such as:

  • Commercial Insurance Leads
  • IT Maintenance Contracts
  • Security
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Freight Movements
  • Logistics
  • Weighbridge Maintenance
  • Corporate Clothing

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