Motor Dealership Campaigns

Our experienced team have worked with car dealerships for several years, on a variety of campaigns, from regional car dealerships through to large UK groups.

We have worked with manufacturers including; Ford, Vauxhall, Hyundai, Citroen, Kia, Seat VW Volvo, and Toyota.

Whether you are working with an event company or planning to run an event of your own we can help.

We have worked on many different styles of events taking both inbound and making outbound calls.

Often events are supported by TV, postal, email and SMS campaigns.

Events can be used to promote:

  • New Vehicle Sales
  • Used Vehicle Sales
  • Lost Service Customers
  • Unconverted Sales Enquiries

Event attendance is significantly increased by making outbound calls, or providing the option for the customer to call direct and book an appointment.

Our phone system gives us the option to allocate a local telephone code to your dealership for receiving and making calls.

Appointments can be confirmed by post, email and SMS to reinforce the message. We can organise this for you.

The more confirmed appointments will convert to more vehicles sold.

Case Study - The MotorVise QR Code Event ®

The QR Code Select Event ® is a proven hugely successful event, it is designed to help the dealership sell a large number of cars in a short space of time, delivering exceptional conversion ratios from database numbers to sales.

  • The QR event starts with a customer receiving a glossy personal invitation to the event inviting the customer to the dealership and scan a digital QR Code to receive a financial incentive towards a new or used car.
  • Business Leads receive the incoming calls from customers who are expressing an interest and we re confirm the benefits of attending the event and encourage the customer to book an appointment to come into the dealership.
  • An online booking system is used to book the customer into the dealership at a convenient time. At the point of booking an appointment Business Leads will also confirm up to date contact details through the online database system which will benefit the dealership with future marketing.
  • The customer will receive a confirmation of their appointment day and time for the event through the post.

Client Testimonial

"MotorVise (Automotive) Ltd offer a wide range of services to car dealerships, from training and consultancy, sales incentive systems, to car sales and recruitment events."

"One event in particular delivers fantastic car sale results, but the attention to detail in the planning and co-ordination of the event is vital to create great success. This involves having an exceptional team of call handlers to promptly answer to customers, using correct communication, language and tone to convert calls into appointments in the car showroom."

"We have now run hundreds of QR code events and have used Business Leads UK in various partnerships with car dealerships across the UK which have delivered exceptional results."

"The call handlers are able to cope with hundreds of inbound calls at ease along with outbound prospect calls providing a fantastic level of service creating quality appointments. The call centre team deliver exactly what we need to set the ball rolling for a successful event which results in exceptional high car sales for the dealerships."

"Overall we would recommend Business Leads UK for inbound and prospecting promotions and will continue to partner with them in future."

Motorvise (Automotive) Ltd