Mystery Shopper Service

In today's business environment, the telephone provides an immediate, personal and extremely valuable point of contact. If used in a proficient way, it can give you the human touch you need to find, understand and retain your customers.

Maintaining standards and procedures in your corporate approach to your customers will enhance your reputation for customer care and in some instances companies need to ensure that their staff ask specific questions to comply with legislation.

For these reasons companies sometimes wish to undertake a mystery shopper exercise to ensure these standards are being met.

A mystery shopper can also help provide a level of service that attracts a greater flow of customers, enhances loyalty and increases the likelihood of both purchases and recommendations.

Business Leads UK can provide mystery shoppers to any business requiring this service.

The specific objectives of any mystery shopping exercise, whether business or consumer, should include a combination of the following, depending on the type of study involved:

  • To improve the performance, attitudes, behaviour, etc, by providing tangible feedback about each sales person's customer handling technique.
  • To monitor handling of enquiries about current promotions and ensure that offers are being honoured and adhered to in the way that you intended.
  • To keep staff "on their toes" because they are aware of the mystery shopping programme.


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